Empowering Adult Training

Kick Off Meeting Agenda (on Google Drive)

On 29 - 30th October 2017 we carried out our first trans-national meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland to officially start the Erasmus+ project: EMPOWERING ADULT TRAINING: A GUIDE FOR EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT.

Representives from the 3 organizations involved the kick-off meeting, which was hosted by HringsjĆ”. The main aim of this strategic partnership is the writing and exhaustive dissemination of "The Emotional Management Guide for Adult Training". This guide will allow adult trainers to improve their emotional skills and their daily work with adults. We will also write a teaching unit that complements the guide, organize a conference in each country (Iceland, Spain and Turkey) and create a summary video of the conferences to widely disseminate the project results.

After the meeting, the attendees enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of Reykjavik.