Courses in English

The following courses will be taught in English at Hringsjá.

Hringsjá is offering courses taught in English. Information about the courses can by found be clicking the course name here below. There you’ll find information about what the course is about and at what time it’ll be. The location of the courses is always at Hringsjá, which is located in Hátún 10d, 105 Reykjavík.

You can get the overview here.

The signup fee is 20.000kr for each course. For those that want to pay online:

SSN: 540987-2549

Account Nr.: 0111-26-036935

You can also pay for the course at Hringsjá’s office.

We’ll contact all participants a few days before the course starts.

If something is unclear please contact us at or by phone at 510-9380.

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